16 Nice Hangout Places in Port Harcourt

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Port Harcourt, the dynamic capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria, stands out as a lively metropolis brimming with an array of recreational havens and socializing locales, each catering to diverse preferences. Whether you seek a tranquil retreat or an exuberant gathering place, Port Harcourt boasts options to satiate every taste. In this piece, we will go into the 16 most appealing and enjoyable hangout spots in Port Harcourt, offering a delightful fusion of leisure, amusement, and gastronomic delights.

1. Enchanting Pleasure Park

Among the city’s most favoured hangouts is the Pleasure Park along Aba Road. This expansive recreational haven showcases well-maintained gardens, play areas, and scenic walking trails. Visitors can revel in exhilarating amusement park rides or partake in a leisurely boat cruise on the lake. The park additionally hosts lively music events and al fresco movie screenings, providing an ideal setting for both families and friends to relish a day of entertainment.

2. Genesis Deluxe Cinema

Genesis Deluxe Cinema in GRA Phase 2 is the go-to destination for cinema enthusiasts seeking a laid-back hangout. With contemporary facilities and an extensive selection of the latest blockbusters, it promises a cinematic experience par excellence. Comfortable seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, and delectable snacks round out the perfect movie night.

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3. Tranquil Isaac Boro Park

Located in the heart of Port Harcourt, Isaac Boro Park serves as a serene oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Offering a peaceful setting for unhurried gatherings, the park is ideal for picnics or strolls, surrounded by lush greenery. Yoga enthusiasts and fitness aficionados frequent the park, which also features captivating fountains and sculptures.

4. Michael Gardens – Botanical Culinary Haven

Michael Gardens, a restaurant and bar nestled within a botanical garden, presents a menu boasting a diverse array of African and international dishes. The expansive outdoor seating area allows patrons to dine amidst the natural beauty of the gardens.

5. Piano Club & Restaurant

A hotspot for live music, Piano Club showcases a spectrum of genres, from jazz to blues and rock. Complete with a full bar, visitors can savour a drink while immersing themselves in the musical ambience.

6. Waterside Experience

The Waterside, a waterfront restaurant and bar, provides breathtaking views of the Bonny River. Featuring a menu rich in seafood and other culinary delights, accompanied by live weekend bands, it offers an enchanting dining experience.

7. Switch Lounge – Nightlife Thrills

Switch Lounge is a well-known venue where friends can revel in the excitement of Port Harcourt’s nightlife. With a dance floor and a bar, the lounge hosts various events, including live music and DJ nights.

8. Beer Barn – Haven for Beer Enthusiasts

Catering to beer aficionados, Beer Barn boasts a diverse selection of beers, both local and international. The extensive outdoor seating area enhances the experience, allowing patrons to enjoy their drinks in pleasant weather.

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9. Higi Haga – Shisha Delight

Higi Haga is a favoured spot offering a special shisha experience, complemented by a variety of flavours and a well-stocked bar. The spacious outdoor seating area allows guests to savour both the shisha and the weather.

10. 15 on Herbert – Panoramic Rooftop Retreat

Situated as a rooftop bar, 15 on Herbert provides panoramic views of Port Harcourt. Offering an array of cocktails, beers, and wines, alongside a menu of light bites, it’s a perfect spot to unwind while taking in the cityscape.

11. Creek Park – Picturesque Riverside Haven

Creek Park, located along the Bonny River, provides picturesque views of the water and surrounding mangroves. An idyllic spot for birdwatching, fishing, or simply a tranquil day by the river, it adds to the city’s diverse hangout options.

12. Faarah’s Coffee Lounge

Known for its touch of sophistication and inspirational ambience, Faarah’s Coffee Lounge welcomes visitors with a warm embrace. The premises offer a variety of settings, including a cosy lounge, a restaurant with an on-call chef, private lounges, luxury accommodation, a VIP lounge, a poolside lounge, and an exquisite conference room. Despite its name, at Faarah, it’s not just about the coffee!

Faarah is situated at 37A Aba Road, between Ogbunabali and Old GRA, right by CFC Bus-Stop.

13. Woodhouse Café

For a unique setting in terms of interior layout and furnishings, Woodhouse Café is the go-to place. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner surrounded by vintage art, board games, free Wi-Fi, books, cocktails, special delicacies, milkshakes, and a rooftop bar, creating a soothing relaxation experience.

Woodhouse Café is located on the same premises as Azny Place, 3 Louis Drive, Off Sabi Abacha Road, Port Harcourt.

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14. Genesis Sky Bar

Perched atop the Genesis Centre building, Sky Bar offers a delightful nighttime view of Port Harcourt. Operating fully in the evenings, it’s an ideal spot for football enthusiasts, music lovers, and those seeking a variety of food and drinks.

Visit Sky Bar on the 4th floor of the Genesis Centre at 53 Tombia Street, GRA, Port Harcourt.

15. Kode 9

Kode 9 is a lively hangout with additional attractions beyond food and drinks. Play games, enjoy the company of friends, listen to good music, have casual meetings, or even host a group party at this upbeat spot.

Find Kode 9 at 21b Ezimgbu Link Road (Mummy B), off Stadium Road or GRA Junction, Port Harcourt.

16. Skyfall Mega Lounge

Inspired by the famous James Bond movie, Skyfall Mega Lounge offers a rooftop experience with a blend of good vibes, music, and nature. Enjoy the ambience and panoramic views at this rooftop lounge.

Skyfall is situated on the 5th and 6th floor, Mattano Complex, No1 Kaboo Close, New Airport Road, Eliozu.


Port Harcourt, often called Nigeria’s garden city, boasts an array of delightful nice hangout spots catering to varied interests. From serene parks and riverfronts to lively entertainment hubs and delectable dining establishments, the city offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these 16 exceptional hangout spots in Port Harcourt is sure to enhance your experience in the city, making it both memorable and enjoyable. So, gather your friends and family, and embark on an adventure to uncover the vibrant hangout scene of Port Harcourt.

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