How Many Local Governments Are In Lagos State

How Many Local Governments Are In Lagos State

In the bustling heart of Nigeria lies Lagos State, a vibrant and populous region known for its economic significance and cultural diversity. Lagos State is a melting pot of various ethnic groups and is also home to Nigeria’s economic hub.

As a state of immense importance, it is crucial to understand its administrative structure, particularly when it comes to local governance. In this article, we will discuss the question: “How many local governments are in Lagos State?”

How Many Local Governments Are In Lagos State

Understanding Local Governments

Local governments are essential components of a country’s administrative structure. They serve as the primary units of governance closest to the people, ensuring the efficient delivery of public services, infrastructure development, and grassroots representation. In Nigeria, local governments play a vital role in the overall governance system.

The Nigerian Local Government System

Before we can determine the exact number of local governments in Lagos State, it’s essential to understand how the Nigerian local government system operates. Nigeria is divided into states, and each state is further divided into local government areas (LGAs). These LGAs are further subdivided into wards or districts.

Local Governments in Lagos State

Lagos State, being one of Nigeria’s most populous and economically significant states, is divided into local government areas. As of my knowledge cutoff date is September 2021, Lagos State has a total of 20 local government areas. These LGAs are the administrative units responsible for managing local affairs within the state.

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How Many Local Governments Are In Lagos State

The 20 Local Government Areas of Lagos State

Here is a list of the 20 local government areas in Lagos State:

  1. Agege
  2. Ajeromi-Ifelodun
  3. Alimosho
  4. Amuwo-Odofin
  5. Apapa
  6. Badagry
  7. Epe
  8. Eti-Osa
  9. Ibeju-Lekki
  10. Ifako-Ijaiye
  11. Ikeja
  12. Ikorodu
  13. Kosofe
  14. Lagos Island
  15. Lagos Mainland
  16. Mushin
  17. Ojo
  18. Oshodi-Isolo
  19. Shomolu
  20. Surulere

List of Lagos State’s 20 Local Government Areas with their Headquarters

  1. Agege: Headquarters: Agege
  2. Ajeromi-Ifelodun: Headquarters: Ajegunle
  3. Alimosho: Headquarters: Ikotun
  4. Amuwo-Odofin: Headquarters: Festac Town
  5. Apapa: Headquarters: Apapa
  6. Badagry: Headquarters: Badagry
  7. Epe: Headquarters: Epe
  8. Eti-Osa: Headquarters: Ikoyi
  9. Ibeju-Lekki: Headquarters: Akodo
  10. Ifako-Ijaiye: Headquarters: Ifako
  11. Ikeja: Headquarters: Ikeja
  12. Ikorodu: Headquarters: Ikorodu
  13. Kosofe: Headquarters: Kosofe
  14. Lagos Island: Headquarters: Lagos Island
  15. Lagos Mainland: Headquarters: Ebute Metta
  16. Mushin: Headquarters: Mushin
  17. Ojo: Headquarters: Ojo
  18. Oshodi-Isolo: Headquarters: Oshodi
  19. Somolu: Headquarters: Somolu
  20. Surulere: Headquarters: Surulere


In summary, Lagos State, a significant economic and cultural hub in Nigeria, is divided into 20 local government areas. These local government areas are vital for the efficient administration of local affairs, service delivery, and grassroots representation. As with any administrative information, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest developments and changes in the local government structure.

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