25 Cheap Fun Places to Hang Out in Lagos

25 Cheap Fun Places to Hang Out in Lagos

Lagos, with its vibrant culture and buzzing atmosphere, is often considered an expensive city. However, fear not! In this guide, we’ll unveil the hidden gems that won’t dent your wallet. Hang out in Lagos without breaking the bank? Possible!

Cheap Fun Places to Hang Out in Lagos

1. University of Suya: Grilled Delights on a Budget

Location: Allen Avenue, Ikeja

At the University of Suya, relish the flavorful world of grilled meat, popularly known as suya. Northerners skillfully prepare this delicacy, adorned with pepper, onions, and veggies. Evenings are perfect, and with just N2000, you can indulge in a suya feast.

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2. Dominos Pizza: Affordable Pizza Paradise

Various Locations

Did you know you could savour a medium-sized pizza at Dominos for around N2000? Whether at their outlets or delivered to your doorstep, Dominos offers an affordable hangout option for you and your friends.

3. Lekki Conservation Centre: Nature’s Budget Retreat

Location: Lekki

Experience the thrill of the longest canopy walkway in Africa at Lekki Conservation Centre. For just N2000, immerse yourself in a romantic stroll surrounded by coconut trees, wildlife, and the allure of adventure.

4. Lekki Leisure Lake: Waterside Fun Without the Splash on Your Wallet

Location: Lekki

Engage in water activities at Lekki Leisure Lake without emptying your pockets. From quad biking to boat riding, enjoy a weekend filled with fun. The entrance fee? A modest N1000.

5. Jazzhole: A Musical and Literary Haven

For a mere N2000, own a piece of antiquity at Jazzhole. Perfect for book lovers and those seeking unique experiences, this hangout spot is a haven for the soul.

7. Oniru Private Beach: Seaside Serenity on a Budget

Location: Oniru

Enjoy a romantic weekend getaway or a simple day out at Oniru Private Beach. For a maximum of N1000, you can revel in horse rides, picnics, and the calming waves of the sea.

8. National Arts Theatre: Cultural Retreat Without the Expense

Location: Iganmu

Immerse yourself in the Nigerian culture of art and entertainment at the National Arts Theatre. A serene location to hang out and relax during weekends.

9. Lufasi National Park: Adventure Awaits on a Budget

Location: Lekki-Epe Expressway

Embark on thrilling adventures at Lufasi National Park, from exploring treetop houses to enjoying the beauty of the forest. Access this haven for just N1000.

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10. Ikeja City Mall: Window Shopping Extravaganza

Location: Ikeja

Stroll through Ikeja City Mall, resisting the urge to splurge on costly items. Capture beautiful moments, watch a movie, or grab a snack without breaking the bank.

11. Elegushi Beach: Royalty by the Sea

Location: Elegushi

Owned by the Elegushi royal family, this popular beach offers beach huts, horse rides, and a vibrant atmosphere. Experience it during weekdays for a gate fee of N1000.

12. Tafawa Balewa Square: A Blend of History and Relaxation

Location: TBS

Visit Tafawa Balewa Square to pay homage to Nigerian history. Amidst political and religious gatherings, find peace and photo-worthy spots.

13. Jaekel House Museum: A Glimpse into Colonial Nigeria

Location: Ebute Metta

Explore the Legacy Railway Museum at Jaekel House, filled with photographic memories of historic Nigeria. Perfect for history enthusiasts and a picturesque photoshoot.

14. Muri Okunola Park: Free Leisure Haven

Enjoy the beauty of Muri Okunola Park for free. Snap cute selfies, revel in the ambience, and access free wifi in this picturesque park.

15. Iga Idunganran: Yoruba Culture at Your Fingertips

Location: Isale Eko, Lagos Island

Experience Yoruba culture at Iga Idunganran, the home of the Oba of Lagos. While entrance is free, don’t forget to seek permission before entering the premises.

16. Hangout Lagos: Where Budget Meets Flavor

Hangout Lagos, nestled at Landmark Beach, is a haven for those seeking an electrifying atmosphere without breaking the bank. From ice-cold drinks to mouthwatering burgers and wraps, Hangout Lagos has something for everyone.

17. Johnson Jakande Tinubu(JJT) Park

JJT Park, a beautiful creation in Ikeja, is a tribute to the contributions of Mobolaji Johnson, Lateef Jakande, and Bola Tinubu. This park offers a serene setting to unwind, with benches, playgrounds, and even a basketball court.

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18. Terra Kulture: Immerse Yourself in Nigerian Arts and Culture

Discover Terra Kulture in Victoria Island, a cultural hub where you can engage in Nigerian arts, music, and plays. From language classes to art exhibits, this spot is both fun and educational.

19. Moist Beach Club: Nature, Seafront, and Unforgettable Memories

For a unique experience, head to Moist Beach Club on Oniru Private Beach. Enjoy beach volleyball, water sports, and top-notch food and drinks in a chill atmosphere.

20. Lekki Leisure: A Haven for Thrill-Seekers

Lekki Leisure offers a day filled with go-karting, paintball, and mini-golf. With a lively atmosphere and friendly staff, it guarantees a memorable experience.

21. Hard Rock Cafe: Rocking Experience in the Heart of Lagos

Hard Rock Cafe, located in Landmark Village, is a must-visit for music enthusiasts. Enjoy great music, delicious food, and a killer atmosphere that makes it a cheap and fun place to hang out.

22. Kalakuta Museum: Dive into Nigeria’s Cultural Legacy

Explore the Kalakuta Museum in Ikeja, the former home of Fela Kuti. This museum is a testament to Nigeria’s cultural history, showcasing artefacts, music, and art.

23. Sailors Lounge: Ocean Views and Relaxation

Sailors Lounge, located in Lekki, offers a laid-back atmosphere with a stunning view of the ocean. Enjoy a variety of drinks and delicious food while soaking in the fantastic ambience.

24. National Museum Lagos: A Glimpse into Nigeria’s Rich History

For history enthusiasts, the National Museum Lagos is a treasure trove of artefacts, showcasing Nigeria’s history from ancient pottery to contemporary art.

25. Twinwaters: Waterfront Fun and Games

Twinwaters, located by the waterfront, offers a range of activities, from bowling to boat rides. It’s a perfect spot for a fun day out with friends or a romantic date night.


If you’re eager to explore Lagos without breaking the bank, these affordable hangout spots offer a perfect blend of fun and frugality. Take your time choosing a scene that aligns with your interests and make the most of your budget-friendly adventure.

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