Cheap Places to Hangout in Port Harcourt

Cheap Places to Hangout in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt, the pulsating heart of Nigeria’s oil industry, stands out not just for its industrial prowess but also for its lively culture and entertainment scene. For those seeking enjoyable places to explore without burning a hole in their pockets, Port Harcourt has plenty to offer.

1. Pleasure Park Port Harcourt

Located at the heart of the city, Pleasure Park is an ideal destination for families, couples, and friends. For a modest entry fee of N700, visitors can partake in tranquil boat rides on the artificial lake, relish picnics on the lush grass, and enjoy a plethora of rides and attractions. From roller coasters to Ferris wheels and water parks, Pleasure Park provides an array of activities at reasonable rates.

2. River State Museum

Situated within the Port Harcourt secretariat complex, the Rivers State Museum is an educational delight. Offering guided tours for schools, individuals, and corporate groups at an entrance fee of N1000, it presents a rich display of artefacts representing the diverse tribes indigenous to Rivers State. The museum also extends cultural consultancy services to preserve the state’s heritage.

3. Bonny Island Beach

A hidden gem near Port Harcourt, Bonny Island Beach offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Although transportation may incur some costs, once there, visitors can revel in the sun, surf, and sand without any additional fees. This beach is a budget-friendly option for a relaxing day by the coastline.

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4. Isaac Boro Garden Park

Named after a prominent activist, the Isaac Boro Garden Park in Port Harcourt’s Old GRA district provides a serene and historically significant retreat. Admission is free, making it an excellent choice for leisurely hikes, picnics, or simply unwinding in the shade of its dense trees.

5. Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Nestled in the Kolabi Creek in old Port Harcourt, the Tourist Beach is one of the most popular creek-lined beaches in the city. Offering a pleasant view of the water, visitors can engage in activities such as horseback riding, volleyball, and football, and enjoy side meals. It caters to both residents and visitors seeking affordable fun by the water.


Port Harcourt, beyond its industrial significance, stands as a city with accessible options for relaxation and entertainment. Whether you call it home or you’re just passing through, these budget-friendly hangout spots and activities open up a world of experiences amidst the dynamic environment of Port Harcourt.

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