Top 14 Beaches in Lagos Nigeria

Top Beaches In Lagos

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, boasts a dynamic and bustling atmosphere, with Lagos standing out as its most populous city. Amidst the energetic chaos of this megacity, one can find solace in the numerous beaches that stretch across its shores.

From white sands to well-maintained environments, Lagos beaches offer an ideal escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Here’s a curated list of the top beaches in Lagos, Nigeria, ensuring your next trip to the heartland of social, economic, and entertainment activities is nothing short of spectacular.

Best Beaches In Lagos

1. Atican Beach- Tucked Away Tranquility

Atican Beach is a well-known retreat in Lagos State, loved for its white sand and serene surroundings. Boasting a play area for children, a swimming pool, and convenient lodging options, Atican offers a perfect getaway. Indulge in quintessential Nigerian delicacies at the on-site restaurant and bar while enjoying the less crowded ambiance, making it an ideal spot for digital nomads to relax, work, or simply appreciate the tides.

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2. Eleko Beach-Family-Friendly Seclusion

For a family-friendly escape, Eleko Beach in Lekki is a perfect choice. Less crowded than other beaches on the peninsula, Eleko offers activities like horse riding, sports, and kayaking. Indulge in grilled seafood or fresh coconut juice while browsing for souvenirs at the local arts and crafts market.

Eleko Beach provides a serene environment, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day with loved ones.


3. Elegushi Beach-Lively Lagos Getaway

Elegushi Beach, situated in Lekki, is a lively destination with roaring waves and bubbling sand, offering a vibrant atmosphere with activities, restaurants, nightclubs, and lounges. Famous for hosting the COPA Lagos beach soccer tournament, it’s a hotspot for fun-seekers. While enjoying the lively ambiance, exercise caution in the water due to potential riptides.


4. Oniru Private Beach-Glamorous Getaway in Victoria Island

Located in the upmarket Victoria Island district, Oniru Private Beach offers a glamorous retreat with celebrity-owned restaurants and equestrian adventures. Whether you’re watching riders gallop past or enjoying local delights served at the restaurants, Oniru provides a luxurious beach experience.


5. Tarkwa Bay-A True Oasis in Lagos

Tarkwa Bay stands out as one of the most popular beaches in Lagos, accessible only by boat or water taxi. The 15-20-minute boat ride offers picturesque views of Lagos from the water. Ideal for various activities like football, volleyball, and swimming, Tarkwa Bay is a must-visit oasis for both novice swimmers and surfers looking to catch a wave.


6. Whispering Palms-Peaceful Retreat in Badagry

Escape to Whispering Palms, a peaceful beach resort on the outskirts of Lagos in Badagry. Offering a range of activities, from salsa lessons to cocktail-making classes, Whispering Palms provides a serene environment. Explore nearby attractions like the Badagry Heritage Museum and the historical Point of No Return slave route.

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7. La Campagne Tropicana-Lagoon Luxury in Ibeju-Lekku

La Campagne Tropicana stands as one of the best beach resorts in Lagos, boasting a lagoon, mangrove forest, and over 65 acres of white sand beach. Guests can enjoy kayaking, horse riding, swimming, and retreat to rooms showcasing African interior designs. While it comes at a higher cost, the luxury experience is unparalleled.


8. Lekki Leisure Lake-Water Sports Wonderland

Lekki Leisure Lake is the go-to private beach in Lagos for water sports enthusiasts. Offering activities like jet-skiing, quad biking, and pedal boating, this family-friendly destination ensures a day of fun and adventure. Safety is a priority, making it comfortable for parents with children.


9. Ilashe Beach-Chic Villas Along Badagry Creek

Ilashe Beach, one of the private beaches in Lagos, is known for its chic villas available for overnight stays. With luxury resorts like Barva Beach Lagos and La Manga Luxury Resort, Ilashe offers a peaceful paradise along Badagry Creek. Accessible by boat from various jetties, it provides a serene retreat.


10. Landmark Beach-Beachside Activity Emporium

Situated on Victoria Island, Landmark Beach is synonymous with beachside activities. From sports like tennis, soccer, volleyball, and mini golf to paintballing, it offers a variety of entertainment options. With food stalls and beach clubs, Landmark Beach is an emporium of beachside enjoyment.


11. Jara Beach Resort-The Bonus of Beach Bliss

Jara Beach Resort, located in Eleko, stands out as one of Lagos’s loveliest beach resorts. A family-run all-inclusive hotel, it offers day passes to enjoy its palm-fringed grounds. Praised for sustainability efforts, including wind turbines and solar panels, Jara Beach Resort promises a bonus of beach bliss.

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12. Honeyland Beach – A Hidden Eco-Tourism Gem

Honeyland Beach, a lesser-known destination in Lagos, offers a distinctive African atmosphere and is a haven for eco-tourism enthusiasts. Watch fishermen in dugout canoes catch shrimp from the beachside bar, relax at the main bar, and savor delicious dishes at the African restaurant. With no entry fee (though a pool usage fee applies), Honeyland Beach is a unique and affordable escape.


13. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort – Authentic African Experience

Located in Ibeju-Lekki, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort stands out not just in Lagos but across the entire African continent. Covering 60 acres along the Atlantic Ocean coast, surrounded by coconut trees and mangrove forests, it offers an authentic African cultural experience. Palm wine bars, bonfire arenas, mat-draped tents, and thatch-roofed cabanas make this resort a perfect escape into nature.


14. Barracuda Beach – Fun for Everyone

Barracuda Beach, situated in Lekki, welcomes early morning crowds with a lively atmosphere. The “free zone” under coconut trees is popular for families, offering free seating and games like beach soccer and handball. Retaining its coconut plantation, Barracuda Beach provides a unique experience as you walk through a canopy of coconut trees to the beachfront.


Lagos, Nigeria, is not just a bustling metropolis; it’s a haven for beach enthusiasts. From secluded retreats to lively destinations, Lagos beaches cater to every taste. Whether you seek family-friendly fun, water sports adventures, or a luxurious escape, the beaches of Lagos have it all. Plan your trip, explore these top picks, and let the beach bliss begin in Nigeria’s vibrant heartland.,

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